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Thank you for visiting We are working around the clock to ensure our site is informative and it is easy to understand the comprehensive issue. We try our hardest to keep the site as accurate as possible in order to present the truth. The issue we face is that Yuan Sun, the Bio-Terrorist we are trying to expose, has been altering, changing, shutting down, and putting restrictions on the website. He copies all of our files, even while we are typing on our computer. The reason we know he has been duplicating and trying to control all our files because on his privacy report have our web hosting company�s file under his control.

It �s been since September that we have found out that our website content is continually being altered. Yuan Sun changing the spelling, the sentence structure, font size, even made our web page title and webpage could not stay on the top but at the bottom. Yuan Sun has a automatic system that can make our perfect file automatically messed up, to make our website, our reports of his criminal activities does not make any sense as if I were mentally unstable and just rambling. The photos on my website would not appear as they were supposed to. Some photos had black lines added to make them look blurry and not clear. To open photo documented reports and images it is one hundred times slower than opening any other page. When we opened privacy reports we realized that the page numbers were cut off and some pages were missing. Some privacy reports simply disappeared and others had blurry images unable to view. It takes hours for some of the privacy reports to download and open.

Yuan Sun does not want you to see the facts page, linked with all evidence and tries with every effort to prevent people from reading the truth about his criminal activities. It is his efforts to make people believe that the evidence against him is crazy in order for his criminal activities to remain undetected. His goal is to make the general public believe that we are crazy so that you will stop reading the facts that this website is presenting and the truth will not be revealed.

From the end of October through Dec.2012, we spent months , hours and hours rescanning and reloading our photo documentations and rewriting the reports on our website. We found out that one of our web pages were missing and some of the content had misspelling, PDF can not be opened and the site was continued to be automatically and hand in altered in an evil way.

We want you, our visitors to know that every page of this website is being written and edited by a minimum of two to three educated professionals and editors to ensure that each page is accurate. Our website is designed by professionals as well. If you find any mistakes or obstacles preventing you from accessing the evidence on the website, please contact us at or send a certified letter to explain your difficulties in viewing the website to: Stop the Spy, 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 105-114, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Or report to authorities and media about the Spy who controls the internet.

We thank you for your support and thank you for visiting our site and spreading the truth. Please help us sign our petitions to White house and congress to help American citizens and families safe.


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