Torture and kill through online setups; America's New Inventions becomes the Spy's Weapons

The consequences of the spy's control on the internet extended to phone manipulation, and all the modern ways of communications as he has stolen the windows and phone technology. As internet grows more and more popular, so is the hidden power of the spy. His intense controls on my efforts to expose him go to wherever my efforts goes, gets in every corner of our society. But,there is no one to take action on him, the truth still unknown to our public.

By stealing MS magic files, and secretly establishing his advanced system to totally invade our internet, Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist, military and criminal spy has been using the science-fiction-like technology in the most evil form.

Except a few professors in this field, who could predict what would happen if the internet were invaded one day? However, most Americans take it for granted, and that is how bio-terrorist Yuan Sun takes advantage, hiding his bio-terrorist and spy activities on his advanced system intrusion. His privacy reports reflect his advanced system control, and evidence of his bio-terrorist criminal activities.

Since Yuan Sun has the hidden power of control in our system, the traditional ways to find evidence may not be available. And since he can fake everything and anything, he may have stolen military computer intelligence to help him --- on his retrievers, by which he can digitally fake everything --- get away with all his bio-terrorist and criminal activities without a trace.

However, Yuan Sun, the high tech bio-terrorist has underestimated his victim who has been on his system, viewed his activities and is determined to find out what he has been doing and how he uses high tech weapons to attack, and is determined to bring out the truth.

The spy has more weapons than the United States Military. This is due to the fact that Yuan Sun has not only stolen United States Military weapons, he has also stolen American inventions, and uses them as his evil weapons against America. Although I have limited knowledge, my experience suffering, lab test findings, and evidence from Yuan Sun's online setups explain what new American inventions have been stolen and how he has been able to turn them into his evil weapons.

All of the weapons he has applied to me and the chronological order of the most recent attacks:

United States new high technology invention: Radio frequency can delivery DNA related medicine to patients for medical healing. Yuan Sun has been able to reverse this new technology and apply it to me by delivering genetically made poison to my physical body through radio frequencies of his attacks.

Yuan Sun and his wife, Meng Jia Hu, came to Los Angeles, CA from Toronto, Canada in January 2012 and remained here for over two months. He began using genetically made poison that attacks me remotely through my phone, camera, radio, and garage door opener. The intensity of the attacks made me give away all of my electrical devices or lock in my mail box that is on a separate floor than my apartment. He remotely loaded the same poison on computer, friends' phones, and even the phones of strangers on the streets and public transportation. I was able to talk to one person whose phone was obviously being used as a weapon to attack me. I checked to see if there carrier was AT&T, but it wasn't. They were with T-Mobile. On the AT&T privacy report I have found evidence that Yuan Sun's online setups had stolen known public images to attack me. On multiple testings, besides Nano material, Acylamide/Polvacrvlamide Hydrogel and other related elements found on my used detox patches. These are the elements related to DNA monitoring and collection. It is also the DNA related medicine delivered through radio frequencies. United States patent 6500592 and UPC Class: 205317 address this type of technology.

Yuan Sun's killing plans goes from one to the other. During the time being, he and his criminal associates came around my apartment very often. They put copper wires in my vents, air conditioner, water pipes, around my building, hanging wires at my building and the building across the street from my building. He even put genetically made poison into my electrical system and sewer system a few blocks down from my apartment building. I felt the pain and I know what it was. I decided to report it to all of the local environmental agencies, Department of Water & Power, and the fire department. During that time, my private investigator found the above evidence and saw Yuan Sun's criminal associates near my window at 1:00 AM. He saw that the normal outdoor lighting had been rewired. The landlord could not fix it and to leave the window outside totally dark. When my private investigator chased the guy that was near my window, the criminal ran away quickly and my private investigator was not able to catch him, nor take photos of him. At that time my apartment became a dangerous place that I could not stay. I was being heavily poisoned and escaped to different places each night. I felt like vomiting and fainting a few times, but was able to get out of my home quickly enough to breathe fresh air and survive. It was during that time I decided to go to a Chinese traditional practice of healing. The Chinese lady who was doing the Gua Sha told me that she felt sick as if she had to vomit while she practiced Gua Sha on my neck. I decided to send the paper towel that was used to wipe my body during the practice to find out what was it that made me feel sick as if I had to vomit and why she felt the same way. The lab delayed the performance of the test and when they proceeded the test found Elephant Tranquilizer among other poisons on the paper towel from the Chinese clinic. According to my toxicologist, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Elephant Tranquilizer is a deadly poison and has been restricted for use. How was Yuan Sun able to obtain it as his weapon to kill?

Torture and kill through online set ups

This part of my writing sounds very techie, and took me so long to figure out myself, as I have been questioned many times by friends how can poison travel to your physical body from online, which has motivated me to research, observe and learn. I am still not an expert, but even I understand what I see, and I invite real experts to contribute their input.

Yuan Sun puts a huge amount of my images on Bing and other image storages with codes and numbers not accessible by the general public. The images he stores online are not just my face or body photos, but mostly, through my experience of suffering heavy attacks and having seen his set-ups, I know that these are Nano materials and particle marks on my body, brain, organs, nerves and open skin cuts that Yuan Sun set up on his control through Privacy Reports that certain radio frequencies grab the image of when matched, to burst and time off. For example:

Yuan Sun put his attacking configurations spread out all over the internet. The below links from a privacy report I hand-copied on May 28th 2012 are just a few examples of some of my findings:,mod-act,mod_act_s,mod_actbr,mod_adf,mod_appiw,mod_mg,mod_mssvt,mod_pphover,mod_strr%7D.js,mod-lyctr%7D.js

gstatic .com is yuan sun's stolen web site, he only needs to add a letter "g" for it to be his own.

"mapfiles/416d/maps2" This is does not mean the map on the road, but map of my brain, maybe with nano locations. "7Bmain-util,mod-act,mod_act_s,mod_actbr,mod_adf,mod_appiw,mod_mg,mod_mssvt,mod_pphover" These are different part of my brain and their locations. (Please verify all the codes) , "mod_strr%7D". After the Nano bio-sensor was surgically removed, Yuan Sun moved the piece of Nano with sharp edges to the surgical part underneath the stitches. When I tried to do an MRI check-up, he hid that piece of Nano he stirs inside my brain and was able to move it out of my body. He now uses that sharp-edged nano stirring inside my brain whenever he wants to torture me.

In both 1&2, have "cat_js". Yes, I have been the spy's captured cat. He can make me cough, jerk my legs, move my chest, cut my skin & shorten my breath. He can manipulate my body & brain for secret control.

Yes, I have been the spy's captured cat. He forced a Nano bio-sensor into my brain and many other different Nanos into my body, but no one has investigated him. He has broken into my apartment and placed more nano poisons inside and outside my home, forcing me to not be able to stay at home for many months now. He even goes and puts nanos inside my hotel room to torture me. Yes, I have been the spy's captured cat. He listens to my environment and monitors my every move down to the second, captures my images from TV and computer or any cameras, public and private, attacking me live or by computer intelligence. Yes, I have been the spy's captured cat. He connects different poisons to the Nanos he forced inside me, remitting different poisons, from mercury and carbon monoxide to nerve agents. He has the power to remit diseases as well as radiations through low and high frequencies that connect to assassinate and burn inside me.

Compared with 3&4 , both almost the same about mapfiles, the main difference is grow-makers-A-j2. Why? These mapfiles are somehow related to my brain surgery to remove the Nano brain bio-sensor. Yuan Sun, during the surgery, removed his small nano pieces from other parts of my body to the surgical stitch area, causing me a lot of pain. Since then, he has also been remitting more nano particles through phones to my right ear and brain. He also sprays nano-enhanced materials to my window, and follows me around in public to force more nano materials in. That is the time of change in my body regarding his nano materials locations that he markers.

Yuan Sun uses Yahoo! as his base where he puts his summary, his goals to kill and various plans to achieve.

Below links are selected from a photo-documented privacy report from Yahoo! on May, 2012: Yuan Sun uses a lot of double meaning in words as part of his tag selections. Also, in his set-ups, capitalised letters may have a meaning totally different than from non-capitalised letters. jQuery is a technical term, but jquery is also one of his classifications on documents. Any high tech resources and links related to control or to torture and kill me have been classified as jquery. Min, a high tech term, is also my last name. " J' is my last name initial. I have read many of his privacy reports and understand that any links, such as plans, weapons, equipments, technology, information, etc., related with killing me uses the term "jquery" or "min" or both. Once I almost even saw my full name: "yui"means for you and I, and also means links or documents to share.

The " 3.4" set ups have appeared on Microsoft privacy reports as his already set up "webtrend". One may question why these links are his orders from Yahoo!, since these are not any actual Yahoo! links. No, these are Yuan Sun's interchangeable links that I have seen appear daily on any computer when I have to open my Yahoo! e-mails.



June 20th, I photo-documented a Yahoo! Finance privacy report. Virtually every page at Yahoo! Finance has a similar privacy report with set-up to torture and kill. And, since printing photos was such a difficult job, in order to get something in hand I copied some of the addresses to share. He seems to have changed/upgraded his killing strategies


http://,&yTb=2878;5143;5O459;5539;6306;6415;7801; 7881;9555;9609;10058;10K484;1I0649;600L470;71;6005020;6L005920;600Y6461;600O7350;60U!07353;6007509&(accepted)

Previously, he would leave zip with equal sign. But now he is more aggressive than ever and inputs my exact address and zip code. However, since his stolen maps have diverted slightly, my zip code of 90020 became his 90028. The ytb with so many numbers, I feel can be locations I go. So even if I am not at the zip code, he can chase me to places I go often as well. I guess "ycg" "yyob" are inside his Yahoo! data since I could not find the exact meaning online. But it may also have my nano spot images so he can target me precisely.



ad_type=Iframe &ad_size=300x2507&site=140440&

section_code=14445072 &cb=1339o971I74796769&yud



The iframe is advertising technology, but, here the spy used that technology with different meta links to attack a real person. Through my reading of many privacy reports that the spy spread out all over the internet, I finally figured out how he requests websites to show his iframe ad. While the normal iframe will show ads in the form of online advertising, the spy is able to make poisons & bacteria all come to my physical body at the nano spots, cuts, wounds, blood vessels and joints or wherever else he designs. This request further proves 90028 is not only a zip code; it's a 3D picture of my building. Both ycg & yycb all are 3D photos. "pub_redirect_unencoded=1" means he can redirect anywhere I go, and that redirect is at his Yahoo! base. I saw one of his stolen Yahoo! systems as: Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

Below are two links I have documented from This may further prove the iframe advertising set-ups:

After having experienced the endless attacking and reading of thousands of set-ups, I started to feel I understood some of them. The above ev=3D, bo means body, and is a meta tag telling what kind file that is. ev means Event=3Dbody-00000002240978462. I also saw other link tags and set-ups in privacy reports such as in White house privacy report : "PC= man" heights=840&brosertimeoffs

This above set ups is about the location of the spy's server-PC width and heights and browser width and heights, plus the exact locations of the spy's files.

May 18th through the 22nd, I saw on Yahoo! Finance, real estate, jobs, etc., that every webpage and Yuan Sun's linked webpage had a similar privacy report which I documented. He used this as a way to attack me using the resources and facilities he had stolen from the World Wide Web. I photo-documented the privacy report from Yahoo! Finance and took photos of other webpages, as well where the privacy report icon appeared. Please view the website address bar with dark and light colors as mentioned in my privacy reports.

Late May, I felt attacks at night were very severe, especially after midnight. I followed my sixth sense and on May 28th, 2012 I checked, a very popular search engine in China. When I clicked the games section to search his privacy report, I was able to see that every page (URLs and sub-URLs) in the section had a similar privacy report. He used different set-ups by engaging different online users' normal activities to attack me. This is the reason I felt heavily attacked at night.I was able to photo document the whole privacy report and they are on my original memory card. But I had to fight with him for each photo that I took.

During the same period, I felt the attacks became extremely severe. My home was now a warzone. I searched DOD's website for awhile, but only received error messages. Yuan Sun did not allow the privacy report to be revealed, but I continued to click on the site and somehow I was able to reach the DOD US commanding webpage. I opened the U.S. Africa commanding webpage, and that is when I was able to see a privacy report that showed Yuan Sun had requested usage of one hour on three consecutive days. I forwarded the original memory card to Pam Stevens.

By June 9th, Yuan Sun had been attacking me using sulfuric acid for many weeks. To suffer less I used soda to neutralize his attacks. If my judgment is not correct and I don't use the correct defense mechanism, I suffer extreme pain that comes through the different Nano spots all over my body. One of my towels has since become yellow since I have to wipe myself so often with soda water. It depends what comes out of my body. Some detox pads all smell like smoked meats, either turkey or ham, while others are very dark, as if there are lots of metals in them .

The reality is that I have not been able to stay at my home since July, because it has been attacked so badly. Yuan Sun has been ordering the whole world radio frequencies and other energies to attack me inside and out, and to follow me to other places. Besides his goals and objective to achieve I see on yahoo, I also have seen his other online configurations for Google to search for poisons. In order to survive, I have been escaping to different hotels. One of my assistants who lived in my apartment for one night had the terrible experience of feeling hunted and terrified by the strange energy, and even he has no nanos in his body. And another told me when they are at my apartment alone, it felt like being hunted. "K" had a terrible experience. Another reason my home is so bad signals is that Yuan Sun and his criminal gangs have come to my apartment, set up amplifiers and put nanos on my walls and furnitures so as to make sure that attacks will be severe enough that I will die. But, even after escaping to different places, I am still being followed by Yuan Sun's attacks through his local or online set-ups.

As I have intensified my efforts to expose and report him, my situation has gotten more and more dangerous. Yuan Sun, the spy, is not only attacking me with EMF or poisons, but he can steal any technology to turn into his evil weapon. He has stolen all American inventions, and turns them into his weapons. Below are his weapons he has applied to me and a chronological order of recent major attacks.

Cyber Knife

Cyber Knife is a New Technology that uses the different radiations to remotely diminish cancer cells. The spy has stolen the new technology and uses it as his evil weapons to diminish the joint tissues and muscles in my body to torture and kill me.

Yuan Sun has been using cyber knife to cut my skin. He uses cold radiation as well as make my legs, shoulders, breast have more pain and my muscles tight with hot radiation. I know that the next plan of action in his attack will be to target my organs and heart. On January 21, 2013, I went to Total Imaging Center in Santa Clarita for an MRI on my leg, neck, and body. I told the technician the reason I chose their office and asked if their machine will be able to find the evidence I was seeking. After the first scan on my knee, he showed me the images he took on my knee and ask what were the wired dots in the images. He asked if I have ever had leg surgery. I haven't and explained t him that what he was seeing was Nano dots and they are Nano materials that the spy forced into my body to cause me burning and pain when he chooses to attack me. He also asked if my leg had an operation, I replied, "No, but I have experienced cold radiations as well as hot ones." I believe that this may be the cyber knife the bio-terrorist uses to cut my body and diminish my tissue.

Yuan Sun has taken advantage of our system. When the radiologist forwarded their final report, I did not see any of the comments about the wired dots on my knee that we both saw during the MRI. Yuan Sun, the spy, is able to invade any computer, delete and change images, and is even able to block the images from being viewed on the computer system. I have seen his ability to erase my evidence photos by making duplications many times. Since the radiologist did not see the images first hand, Yuan Sun has many ways that he can delete and block the radiologist from viewing the most important images. Since he would not want the evidence of his evil plan being known, he interrupted the radiologist diagnostics. This is what I wrote on my website as my last will:

"Yuan Sun have erased or blocked some of the images from viewing in their computer system in order to hide the Nanos and affect the doctor's diagnosis. Since I did not see the radiologist comments on the wired Nano dots that were seen during the MRI, I desperately wrote on my website that Yuan Sun wants to cut my heart and now is even closer since he has already gotten into my chest and breast area. If I die at the hands of Yuan Sun, I ask that all Americans request for the police and medical examiner to give me an MRI, take photos, and count the images from the MRI to insure none are deleted or blocked from view. There should be at least two professionals viewing the MRI machine when the images are being taken. Write down important findings immediately because Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist spy, is able to delete and block the most important images from being viewed. This is my last will and testament. Any extra radiologist can view and be paid from my estate. "

Cyber knife and Echo light are the words that I have seen for months on the spy's online setups on his privacy report. I did go to the cyber knife website and found that almost every page of their website was under the spy's control and he has chosen it as a place to hide his stolen resources. The whole privacy report on Cyber knife is a PDF file on the page, Yuan Sun Uses Cyber Knife Radiation as His Weapon. It shows that Yuan Sun not only stole this high technology, but has also stolen the uses of certain facilities to launch his attacks.

Spray Access may not be cyber knife's property. Whoever it belngs to, Yuan Sun has complete access to use it. I have clearly felt that Yuan Sun uses Spray Access' facility to spray Nano materials on me at the locations he knows my exact GAPI, for instance my bedroom or bath tub since I have stayed in the same location for a few days.

Yuan Sun Attacks Me by Cherenkov Radiation and Echo Light

Yuan Sun has been attacking me by many nonlethal as well as lethal weapons. Not only EMF, but Gamma ray, UltraViolet, and InfraRed. I have been in extreme pain and I detox everyday. My faith keeps me going and keeps me on this earth to continue my efforts to expose the spy's bio-terrorist activities. Yuan Sun has to keep upgrading his killing plans. In recent months he started with radiation. I am sure that was not in Yuan Sun natural utility profile because it started with his criminal associates coming around with the radioactive materials that I have seen.

On December 3, 2012, I felt an extremely bad signal. I noticed a glowing bottle when cars passed by under a huge dumpster behind the internet cafe on Normandie and Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA

Two days later at the Ramada Inn, Yuan Sun and his criminal associates drive around using radioactive materials at the hotel I checked into. When the car stopped at the hotel, an Asian man got out. I saw him and then he drove away very quickly. I believe that he later came back and put the radioactive materials on a nearby roof since that is where I felt it coming from. I was unable to leave the hotel immediately.

On December 10, 2012, I was at the Howard Johnson hotel located on 6th street at New Hampshire in Los Angeles, CA. Yuan Sun put radioactive material in a trash bag and placed it on the stairway exit very close to my room. I was unable to stay in my room until the trash was removed.

On December 11, 2012, a beat up truck drove a wooden box to the entrance of the parking facilities of the Internet Cafe on Normandie and Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA.

December 16, 2012, a radiation weapon was used with radiation to kill me at Holiday Inn Express Hotel.

The spy remotely put in Cherenkov radiation into my assistants' car engine, lights, radio, locks, and anywhere else that is operated by power which made sitting inside their cars radiate from the inside plus the bluish lights from the outside shining in on me made it nearly impossible to survive. The spy's evil Cherenkov radiation makes their car engines run very loud. One of my assistant's car requested engine oil, but when she put in a few drops of oil a fire started from the bottom of her engine. The radiation caused her car to catch fire.

The spy has broken into my assistants' and I can feel that he put radiation on the seats and floor where I normally sit. My whole bottom and upper legs felt a burning sensation. I know that all the clothes that I had on were full of radiation. Therefore, I threw them all away. My purse that I put on the floor in their cars even had radiation, but since I didn't have a replacement I kept it. Two weeks later, I found that my black purse had holes at the bottom. I do not smoke and the holes look as if they were from a cigarette. The material became mushy and the texture lost its strength. I felt as if I could rub my fingers on it and it would become powder.

Everyday when I sit in the car, whether it is in my assistants' cars or a taxi cab, the bluish light from the vans and cars follow me around. Yuan used an auto programming to force all drivers to participate and know where to go and who to follow as well as how to escape so that his top tier criminal associate drivers are not caught. Even if it after midnight, I am still able to see the cars, vans, and trucks with the bluish light around the block. They try to connect to me and the car that I am riding in with his light.

On December 30, 2012, the professional military spy highway hijacking describes the extremely high level of Cherenkov radiation from the bank and front of my car as well as side to side. I tried to take photos, but it wasn't possible because the highway was too dark and their radiation light was bluish bright. I realized immediately that this was not just like any other road stalking that the spy has done before as he has organized gang stalking and criminal stalking. This is military style killing by radiation. I could not sit straight, I bent down on the 2nd row to avoid the bright lighting shining on me, and I noticed the cars and vans around me with the same bright radiation lighting. They have occupied all the positions near my car; the front and back, and also each side also has three cars. We were forced to keep the same speed with them and the intensive radiation around and I did not have a moment to breathe. This is a moment I would never forgot because it looks like jet air plane flying over the sky keep the same speed, but one in the middle is being hijacked. That night we arrived at the Seal Beach Hampton Inn, the radiation killing continued, I called 911 and ended up at the mental hospital.

This is my observation of the Cherenkov radiation while I was kept in the mental hospital inside my room, and was able to actually observe how that Cherenkov radiation moves around my bedroom and that I have been connected.

"Echo light" is the word I saw on the spy's privacy reports. I have suffered since Yuan Sun is able to track me by sound. Since he is able to hear my environment, he is able to use very sharp waves and the radiation light to cut my skin open with Nanos. He can send them as tiny dots and when I see the cut it just looks as if I have red irritated skin. He can also cut my skin with Nanos as paper cuts or bigger and deeper than paper cuts. Even at places he can not see me, I still have to be careful whenever I make any noise, which can punishes me by echo light strikes. That why the word echo light and cyber knife are together when they appeared on the spy's privacy report, may be because he uses both technology at the same time.

On January 7, 2013, I was lying down with one eye covered by a detox patch and the other eye opened. I saw the light waves and it looked like light in the water that expanded from the center of the slim light around the dim moon light. It was expanding its waves following a short wave rhythm less than a second, BING, BING, BING, BING. The spy knew that I noticed the light wave. It suddenly stopped. I have heard this sound before, but it is the first time he used short waves to send radiation, Cherenkov Radiation. I was not able to sleep, I knew that if I was in bed, Yuan Sun, will begin to use short waves to connect to me with radiation. I tried to see if I had ways to escape the heavy radiation. My room has a bed. The only way I could avoid the heavy radiation was to move my mattress to the corner to face the door. By facing the door I could see that the short wave light was detecting my new location. I pulled the mattress to the corner of the ground. I left most of the covers and sheets on the bed, but there was still one sheet and two towels on the wooden bed. I tried to lie on the bed first and observe the slim light in the bright room with the dim light going around. I saw the light change when I moved. It would move when I moved my head to any position it would change from a long slim to short to a big dot the size of a fist. Where is that light coming from? Was it from the window or the hallway? If it's a normal light reflection, then why does my position affect the shape of the light? Does it mean the radiation light is on me was now reflecting on the ceiling? Not possible, right? I walked very quietly to my mattress lying on the ground. I ducked down and covered up with a sheet. That is when I saw a slim light that was changing to a big dot. It was small at first, but now it was moving toward the door side of the ceiling. There was no slim light, but there were two or three square spots in the middle of the ceiling. Meanwhile, I noticed under the door gap, there was a light on the door side of the wall. The gap light on the door side wall was only 1/3 of the wall close to the door, but when I went to lay down that light reflection on 1/3 of the wall quickly extended to 2/3 on the side of the wall next to my mattress. When I laid down, I felt immediately connected to the radiation. I felt that the radiation was worse than the one from the center of the ceiling so I jumped back onto the wooden bed with the two towels underneath one cover. I fell asleep.

Later on I did an investigation. I figured out that Yuan Sun had put Cherenkov radiation down a few hallway lightings. I was connected by radiation light that was close to my door. It reflected the strange moving light.

Yuan Sun Stolen Military Storage Nerve

Agents & Bubonic plague as his weapons

Yuan Sun has been remitting Nerve Agents since June 2012. At the beginning, he sent Nerve Agent A, B, and then finally he sent VX. He has been trying to inject VX to my body any way that he could. He has tried to remotely inject it into my arms and making me feel as if a needle full of medicine is being injected into my finger joints, private parts, nipples, and belly button. Virtually any of my body's natural holes. Even if I use lemons, limes, and oranges, it takes a long time to get rid of the Nerve Agents. However, God has given me the sensitivities to know each time what kind of Nerve Agent he injected and use in order for me to detox. It is still getting harder and harder as the spy is trying to kill me more and more aggressively by using all of his weapons including VX.

The spy's bio-terrorist attacks through online setups, through local image grabber software that he put into local electrical lighting system and by organizing gangs and local criminals to stalk, follow, and spray poison. This is what is happening. I still can recall and it may help to show how criminals and innocent people have been knowingly and unknowingly helping Yuan Sun to remit Nerve Agents and Radiation by putting more and more Nano materials around.

On March 28, 2012, the spy's criminal associate opened my apartment door at 4:00 AM while I lied on my bed wide awake. I confronted him and he ran quickly out of my building. The downstairs neighbor heard the running and my cry for help. When the police came they did not do much investigation. One of them doubted my mental stability.

On October 23, 2012, I was at the Los Angeles International Airport restroom and Yuan Sun injected VX from the sewer directly to my body's private area and my upper legs. God reminded me that it was VX. I did a through clean up and survived.

A week later when I returned to my home in Los Angeles, CA, I found out that Yuan Sun and his criminal associates had come into my apartment and changed my shower head. The original shower head that came with my apartment suddenly became a tiny hole with extremely strong flow that cuts the skin. I asked my building maintenance about the shower head and he said that nobody on their staff changed it. I know that the reason Yuan Sun had it changed. After seeing that I did not die from VX that he injected into me from the toilet, he had planned a poison shower with extremely strong injections. Since my assistant was in the shower and not me, the killing plan was foiled. My assistant felt the extremely hard and painful flow and therefore was unable to shower.

I later felt that there wasn't a safe corner in my apartment to hide. I know that Yuan Sun and his criminals may have put Nano inside of my room. Suggested by an expert, I bought a black light. When in the dark with the black light, my assistant and I saw the yellow tiny dot spots glowing all over my walls and cabinets. That is the Nano material that has been placed there by Yuan Sun and his criminal associates. They made it to where I would be connected no mater where I sat or passed by. There was an instant connection in my room. I had to hire another assistant to help me to clean my walls in order to survive.

Since October 23, 2012, the spy and his associates have been in Los Angeles. I saw Yuan Sun's van driving around the block and parked outside of the hotels where I stayed. He injecting Nerve Agents through the fire alarm system right above my bed. I saw his van driving by with Nano flying on my ears, neck, and feet, but they always disappear when I recognize him coming by.

On November 9, 2012, I was heavily attacked by Nerve Agents. I switched to different parts of the hallway to try to read the privacy reports.

On the night of November 10, 2012, I was being attacked so badly. The vents in my building had all of the poison signals. I saw the spy's car parked in a neighboring building only thirty feet away from my apartment. That is why he uses VX weapon and came out as a strong killing.

I have seen Yuan Sun's online setups on his stolen military Nerve Agents and the Bubonic Plague. It shows how he stole Nerve Agents from a United States laboratory to make the storage of the Bubonic plague live.

To Be Continued...

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"