Yuan Sun Transmit VX, Stolen Microsoft Library,
Control Lab Testing Results

Yuan Sun has been attempting to assassinate Qiu Min Ji through the millions of remote entrances on her body and by using Nanos both big and small. As we found more and more evidence, Yuan sun's torture and kill methods became more desperate.

December, 2012 - Qiu Min Ji went to Chase Bank to speak with a consultant. Her consultant found that someone had stolen $10,000.00 from her account using two forged checks. Each check was $5,000.00. Qiu Min Ji went to the police station and made a report. Her account consultant Jimmy also made a report. These papers were faxed through another banker before January 1, 2013.

February 5th 2013 - Qiu Min Ji went to the bank to request the results of her previous claims. She learned there is an additional $5,000.00 withdrawn on her account through a forged check dated in September, 2012 with a posting date in October, 2012. According to Qiu Min Ji, she did not pay the investigator $5,000.00 in September and only paid the initial deposit of $2,000 to get the investigation started. She had only written a $5,000.00 check to the private investigator, PSL, in late October, 2012. Qiu Min Ji had submitted claims to the banks and the police department for $10,000.00. Chase Bank Claim Dept. representative, Kathy, told Qiu Min Ji that she was not able to locate her paper claim for $10,000, but was able to locate her online claim for $15,000. Even more strange is that both Jimmy and Kathy stated that she remembered Qiu Min Ji's account and recalled there being three forged checks in the amount of $15,000.00.

The bank was able to quickly verify that this was a case of fraud. Check number 2217, the original check, was written by Qiu Min Ji in payment to Lab Testing Company. The forged check appeared with a date in September, 2012. Check number 2277 was found in December, 2012 at home with my new checks and Qiu Min Ji was able to show that she still had the blank check in her possession. On January 19, 2013, she paid her employee with that check.

At the end of the consultation with the banker, Qiu Min Ji asked him to check one more time for any fraudulent activity prior to her closing the account. Her account consultant seemed to be under the spy's, Yuan Sun', mind control because he said, "I looked at it. It seems to be no problem". I know that he normally doesn't use that type of speech.

February 6, 2013 - Qiu Min Ji arrived at Chase Bank and asked them to print every transaction before closing her account. To both Qiu Min Ji's and Jimmy's surprise, another $5,000 forged check was discovered on the computer. Both Ji and Jimmy were in utter shock because they knew they did not ever come across this check previously, not even the day before. The check number is 2114.

Who would have such free access to her Chase account to change and alter her account by posting a brand new forged check with an old date without triggering a security alert?

If not Yuan Sun, who controls the web, who else can this be? Yuan Sun has been hiring hundred of criminals to drive around and circulate radiation poisons. He needs to pay them and steal money from her account to fund his bio-terrorist activities.

Yuan Sun knows what we have been working on. He knows the evidence he left on Qiu Min Ji's bank account is solid. He has been attacking her every day by VX, one of the most poisonous Nerve Agents. He knows he will be discovered, but wants to try to kill Qiu Min Ji and threaten others in order to regain control of the situation.

He remits VX to her knees and her left arm, right arm, from head to toe, from outside the body to inside the lungs and organs. He takes turns using poison, and hopes he can succeed. Her left arm has so many holes from the VX, getting bigger and wider, with a dark red colour that she tries to cover with detox patches. It doesn't work because the detox patches quickly fill with VX poison and need to be changed regularly. The VX still comes to the spots on her arms as if it were a mainline injection in her veins. Qiu Min Ji is afraid that Yuan Sun will cause massive damage to her, but she still has so much to write and make the public aware of, such as the forged bank checks and VX poison used with the intent to kill.

What would happen if Qiu Min Ji dies at the hands of Yuan Sun because he uses the most dangerous Nerve Agent, VX? Her worry is that if she dies, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Coroner will not be able to find the reason, nor will they find all of the poisons if she doesn't explain it in detail now.

Qiu Min Ji had felt badly poisoned and been to the ER in summer 2012 down to the heavy attacks by gas nerve poison and mercury. She called for a taxi to come and take her to hospital, but the ER doctor, after conducting blood tests, said she had perfect test results. What's more, the ER doctor does not know enough to help and instead only asked a psychiatrist to evaluate her. Also testing on the same detox patches can produce totally different and shocking results. The Truth is that any lab that we used Yuan Sun already knows. We would never find his remitted poison, because Yuan Sun, the high-tech military spy and bio-terrorist, has stolen and can remotely plug-in his own adapted library to continue disguise his bio-terrorist activities. Below are evidence of two links from Microsoft Privacy reports:

Privacy Report Page 1: Photo 3 link #5



Yuan Sun has been able to remotely access the MS library without being detected. It is very obvious he is the "library savvy window broker" and " library svy broker" .

Two links from Page 7


Yuan Sun also has his own adapted library, which he can control to make some of the words not appear in lab testing results. I know this because I am suffering. Even when I was heavily poisoned and went to the ER, the doctor was unable to find any poison in my body. They said I had a perfect blood test results and did not know what else to do with me other than to recommend that I be committed to the psychiatric ward.

Below are more links from Time magazine and techland .com to further prove that our system has been manipulated and controlled by Yuan Sun, the bio terrorist and military spy, whose controlling of poison results is to control the situation so that he will not be exposed for using his bio-terrorist weapons and nerve agents that he has remitted to Qiu Min Ji's body.

Time Magazine Page 12 #1


All his control relates with his weapon-contents and devices, his adapted library assets. To be used as a weapon, "plugins.min" 'min' is a double meaning word. It means a high tech term, also it is my first name. The end number is the location of his file. Whenever he knows which lab is doing the testing that the true results will expose his bio-terrorist activities, and he will be arrested , he can remotely plug-in his own library, by which Yuan Sun's weapon contents will be restricted and force the lab to give out fake results.

Page 12 #3


Comment: Related to weapon-content, also become the spy's assets. End number may be the location of the targeting files. It looks like a telephone number in China or Hong Kong.

Page 12 #5


Comment; both of the two links above all related to weapon content, themes and library assets. This is one of Yuan Sun's stolen access on library, may be in the main stream.


The internet has never been totally intruded by Advanced system before in our recent history. Yuan Sun is the first one to do so while the public takes computer operation systems and use of the internet for granted. Doctors and patients trust lab test results. But, since Yuan Sun monitors my life down to the second, he knows who I talked to what I do and which hospital I go to and which lab will do the testing. Whether I go to a private lab or public, he knows though normal communications. I have learned all of his tricks from fails. Besides the hospital ER doctor not being able to find poisons in my system, a private lab, since he hears our communication, also failed to provide the true results through their lab testing.

However, I did have one occasion that can prove my point; Only when Yuan Sun is not aware who is doing the lab testing, the true untampered results can be produced. Set. 2012 I sent to lab testing company Carson in Colorado by a person I did not know and had never verbally communicated with. But due to mis-communication, they only do heavy metal testing, and they have found extremely highly elevated heavy metals in my one detox patch. ( Linkto heavy metal tesing results)

This is what I have to tell in order to reveal the truth. Maybe now you understand my worries. I worry that the truth may not ever be revealed and Yuan Sun could continue to torture and kill people by poisons. To reveal the true results, one should use traditional testing without a computer, or a lab doing it unexpected by Yuan Sun. If not, the testing lab first needs to be checked to determine if they are still genuine and the Microsoft library also should be checked to see their system has been intruded.

One of Yuan Sun's killing methods is to send VX to my respiratory system. At my nose, sides, head, chin, and neck are all holes that Yuan Sun sent VX through. I can feel the bad air coming, followed by the pain of VX around my neck. I do not have a lung problem, but in the event of my death, VX to my respiratory system can be one of the reasons.

Yuan Sun remits VX more and more aggressively for killing . He uses online set-ups and image grabbers to put on electrical, lightings, vehicles' engines, lights, exhaust systems, and can use any electronical equipment. He put in remotely through millions of entries on my body, and he also made these outside links to my inside body organs. Even I have been using tons of limes, lemons and oranges by which I have sustained heavy attacks many times. But I may not this time, so be ready for that in case and help us to defeat the bio-terrorist spy by revealing the truth. Help us to find other ways to do testing on the Nerve agent, and bring Yuan Sun to justice.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"