How My Website has been Manipulated & Altered
What is the Spy's Next Move?

Yuan Sun, the bio-terrorist cyber terrorist spy from China, has been manipulating my website ever since we launched it in July 2012. We have a vast number of privacy reports on my website that prove that Yuan Sun is controlling the websites of major corporations. After reviewing my entire website on early Nov. 2012, we learned that many of the privacy reports on the website had been altered or deleted from the website altogether. We went through the privacy reports one by one and found that many had portions of the pages cut off, pages missing, takes over ten minutes to load, photos of the links distorted, very blurry, difficult to view, photos upside down or sideways making them difficult to read, and some entire privacy reports deleted altogether. It took weeks to fix this problem. We had to get the originals of each privacy report on the website from stored files, take them to the printing shop, rescan them, and reload them to the website to insure that they are accurate, readable, and easy to understand. With over 30 privacy reports and some with as many as 40 pages, you can only imagine how big of a task it was and how much of an inconvenience it is to have to redo our hard work and efforts.

The homepage of has been altered by the spy on several occasions. Simple words have been changed to make it look as if we are not intelligent and the website is full of non-sense. We have edited the site many times and it seems as is the effort is wasted because each time we change the incorrect spelling and grammar, Yuan Sun changes it back to how he wants it. He wants it to seem that the information on the website is inaccurate and knows that if no one believes the factual evidence on the website then he will not be brought to justice. It is embarrassing that the words that a first grader can spell cannot be corrected on my website. The highlights of my life and my life is being destroyed portion of my website are awful. We have decided to not waste anymore efforts to change the grammar and spelling on the website because no matter how many times the web designer edits it, it will always remain just the way that Yuan Sun intends for it to be because he has the ultimate control.

His control on my website is different from any other website since he has been monitoring our discussions and our grass roots writing and editing from day one. I saw that he is controlling my web designer's computers and servers from his privacy reports. He is also able to control the designer's interactive website control and computing control. Even with our flash drive, every file we created and saved on our flash drives has now become his property. He has remotely controlled and setup the CNC Internet Cafe computers. Each time we save files we come across his drive. Not only does he get a copy, but he puts a tag on the file which allows him to edit, delete, or whatever he wants to do.

We found out that our website has been changed; photo documentation pages have been deleted and the website writing reverse edited to not make any sense. We spend weeks devoted to rewriting and rescanning file to make sure the website can present the evidence that will convince leaders and citizens that we have problems. We changed our design to make files better categorized so that visitors can find evidence that matches our claims.

Just after we finished editing the website by the end of December, the exact same thing happened. For instance, under the Evidence Tab, all of the reports on microscope testing as supported materials disappeared. The six pages about the Nano Bio-Sensor photos only had four pages and the other two disappeared. The two pages that he took away were very important pages that show the Nano Bio-Sensor opened by a diamond cutter which shows Nano on the cutting side. Stories about how Elephant Tranquilizers were discovered and how the Nano Bio-Sensor was secretly planted into my brain and body are not on my website, only five pages of Dr. Staninger's report without the story to support the microscopic testing results. Also, even the webpage names were different. I asked my web designer if he has changed the webpage names on the tabs, but he said he didn't. Who else has the privilege to go to my website to change my designed webpage names to nonsense in order to prevent people from paying attention? The only one that could do such a thing is Yuan Sun, the Bio-Terrorist, because my website was designed to expose him.

My web designer is very experienced with a firm in Los Angeles, CA that caters to major corporations, mid size businesses, up and coming celebrities, celebrities, etc. Due to the fact that he accepted me as a client to work on my project to expose the bio-terrorist cyber terrorist spy from China, Yuan Sun, his servers have been completely invaded which at one time affected his regular clientele. My problems with exposing Yuan Sun had become his. Yuan Sun still has control over his server, but to my knowledge he only alters my website. He goes into the web designer's server and deletes very important evidence against him such as my analytical report from Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, my toxicologist, proving that Yuan Sun had remitted Elephant Tranquilizer to my body with the intent to kill me immediately.

Another shocking discovery was that we found out that the important words disappear from the time we put them on the web as a Microsoft Word document. For example under the "Threats to National Security" section of the website, I have a quote about a privacy report link about how Yuan Sun stole the Bubonic Plague.

This original link has been apparently altered, but no one would ever know unless they are very familiar with this link. The second line after weapon %20 should be bubonic %20. Yuan Sun has deleted the most important word to make the link content not show. The shocking truth is that I printed many of these after the pages were loaded and have sent it to many people to read it without knowing the web page has been altered by the spy. When did our file change? We have experience that our files attached to emails have been altered even when we send them within our own emails and Yuan Sun has been switching our files and the files being sent are not always accurate when being opened by the third party. Yuan Sun can switch files in the blink of an eye. After our final editing, when we think that our reports our final and only need to be loaded to the internet, the spy has actually already did his reverse editing and without our knowledge the report with his errors has been loaded to the website. Yuan Sun's reverse editing is everywhere on our website. After going through the website so many of our files have been altered, deleted although the page title is still on the tab button, but the URL link is broken. This confuses me and makes me think all of the pages are still there. The reality is that my website has been drastically altered and Yuan Sun has been deleting files, making important words disappear in stories, broken links which prevent people from reading the evidence we have against Yuan Sun which makes our perfectly logical point of view suddenly illogical to the general public. For example, on our evidence tab, the webpage Elephant Tranquilizer Being Discovered on Microscope Test Result, the link opens a page with a story telling what happened at that time and how I decided to send a sample to the laboratory to find the poisons that were in my body. The story is the leading page for understanding further reading of the PDF file on testing results. However, Yuan Sun made the story totally disappear. When the link is clicked it only goes to open the PDF which is requires reading more than ten pages to know what it is about.

Since Yuan Sun attacks me every minute 24/7, he has been organizing his local gang criminal stalking to torture and to kill. How could the spy even possibly have the time to do so much and so complicated reversed editing in a quick manner? After dealing with the spy for such a very long period, I have been able to see how much evil that a human being can possibly accomplish. I have come to the conclusion that Yuan Sun must have stolen United States Military Artificial Intelligence that advises him for his evil needs and helps him to do auto reverse editing, find internet website resources, and websites to hide. That artificial computer intelligence has been helping Yuan Sun as his setups to help him to torture and kill his enemy and helps him to analytically know where to cut my website images. What should be the next fight?

It has taken tremendous efforts just to maintain my website. Adding new updated accurate information has become very hard. Since February, we started another new editing and also have given the website a facelift. It has been nearly impossible. We work daily to put accurate information on my website to insure the public, media, and government officials have the evidence required to bring Yuan Sun to justice.

This has been a very difficult battle to overcome with Yuan Sun. Among the vast crimes he has committed, we could not even present a fraction of the evidence against him. However, he will do anything to prevent the evidence against him being revealed and he has stolen the hidden stolen power gain complete control over the internet. He knows how difficult it is to present new updated evidence that we have found when we have consistently edited the content that is currently on the site. Each day is a struggle and battle to bring him to justice. It seems as if I am dedicating at least two full time jobs to patrol our website. Every week and every single month it is a fighting battle to keep my website accurate and full of updated evidence against him. The journey to reveal the truth and get justice has been very long and difficult, but we will win and Yuan Sun, the Bio-Terrorist Cyber Terrorist spy from China, will be brought to justice for his crimes against American people and against America as a nation.

What is Yuan Sun's next move?

Yuan Sun's recent move was to not only delete files from my website, but delete them from my web designer's computer and server, delete them from my printing guy who had scanned images and had stored my images and files, in order for me to lose my newly scanned files and not be able to locate them.

He has been stealing my documents stored on my CDs, flash drives, and memory cards where I store my images and file evidence against him. Also, he has stolen my three camera with recent evidence, including important photos that I haven't had the opportunity to develop. He has him criminals around me all the time. He can go to my apartment and steal my CDs and my purse where all the evidence materials are located.

Although I lost all of my document files, Yuan Sun has all of my evidence against him in his hands.

What is Yuan Sun trying to do? What is his next step? While Yuan Sun is speeding up his killing plan on me and attacking my work force, he has been controlling the phone system to suppress the planned big campaign with the help of the media to expose him and getting 60,000 signatures and send my petition to the White House. The battle is real, the battle is intense. Yuan Sun's plan is to kill me and to delete my website. He will threaten many Americans who have joined my efforts for this noble cause. That is Yuan Sun's plan and his next move.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"