What Happened to Me

In 2003, Yuan Sun hacked into my computer and stole my business data for his girlfriend, Meng Jia Hu whom works with Gateway Travel in Chicago, IL. After reporting him to authorities in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Yuan Sun harassed and tortured me until he believed I was incapable of reporting him. In 2005, while I was living in China, I hired a private investigator to investigate Yuan Sun and made arrangements for the private investigator to meet me in Beijing, China. Local Chinese authorities accused me of being a spy, harassed my family living in China, and forced my family to commit me to a mental asylum. After being released from the mental asylum I was weak, sad, and depressed. My memory was gone and I was unable to neither remember Yuan Sun's name nor continue to pursue and investigation against him. Due to the fact that Yuan Sun was monitoring my daily activities he knew my condition and stopped the attacks on me.

Also in 2005, I discovered credit card fraud on my credit card accounts from someone purchasing computer with my credit card in China. My credit card issuer also noticed suspicious charges on my account. During their investigation I provided them with Yuan Sun and Meng Jia Hu's names as potential suspects whom may have been fraudulently using my credit cards from the stolen computer data.

In 2006, I gradually recovered my strength and was doing fine. In 2007, I was also doing very well and in 2008, I was well enough to bring two American marching bands to China for participation in the Olympic Festival that summer. At the time, I knew Yuan Sun was monitoring my private email accounts and generally invading my computer. I was afraid of him and tried to ignore it. All I wanted was to lead a normal life and operate a successful business.

I ignored Yuan Sun's criminal activities until the end of 2009 when I realized that he was able to remotely start my computer and was copying my hard drive. At the time, I believed he had the ability to steal all of my life savings in seconds. A day or so later, I asked a neighbor, who is an IT specialist, to diagnose the problems I was having with my computer. He reviewed my computer logs and informed me that someone had been copying my computer files. He showed me a list of web addresses and I was shocked to see the list had my business web address, www.cacbc.org, with a number of slashes and words that I am unable to recall at this time. He also saw folders that were originally a mystery to me for a very long period of time but then I immediately realized what they were.

In 2007 & 2008, my website, www.cacbc.org, had many technical difficulties; my header disappeared and the content on the website was not properly aligned. I contacted Tony, my original web designer, and asked that he explain to me why my website was having such technical difficulties. He didn't understand and contacted my hosting company, Ready Hosting, and they didn't understand why this was happening either. I was fed up and decided to change my hosting company. Originally, my web designer said that it wouldn't be difficult to move the content from the old hosting company to the new hosting company. Approximately a week later my web designer stated it is more difficulty than originally thought because there were a lot of strange HTML codes hidden in the background of the home page as well as a number of empty folders all which weren't in use. We contacted the original web designer, Tony, and asked about the strange content we found on the site. He had no idea how it appeared there, but I knew that Yuan Sun invading my website to cause a lot of technical difficulties. He had planned to clone my files to another computer with an identical IP address in order to delete my account within seconds. I didn't go to the authorities immediately, but I was still in investigation mode and contacted IT professional to install software to set a trap for Yuan Sun as well as contacted the hosting company to request they view their logs to see who has visiting my site. I also confided in a friend about how Yuan Sun was attempting to steal my money and how he may have already successfully stolen other individual's money, as well as credit card information without being caught by authorities.

Approximately January or February 2010 is when Yuan Sun began his second round of attacks against me with his ultimate goal being to kill me. At the time, I was unaware that Yuan Sun had been monitoring my daily activities. As I sat in my home office, I had a strange feeling and also heard what I believed to be people moving around among the bushes outside of my home. Later, I felt something, similar to the prick of a needle, hit my ear followed by a painful burning sensation. When I turned around I saw nothing. I touched my ear and again, felt nothing. I believe that is the exact moment that Yuan Sun remitted his high tech Nano in crystal liquid form into my ear, my brain, left hip, right knee, lower legs, as well as other parts of my body. The Nano in crystal liquid form used my body's neutrons to nurture itself to grow into a fully functional Mesogen to torture and ultimately kill me without a trace of evidence.

Since Yuan Sun launched his attacks on February 8, 2010, he has been monitoring me, chasing me, torturing me, and attempting to kill me non-stop, 24/7.

On March 3, 2010, I escaped to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with my handy man when I realized how dangerously high my radiation levels were. My handy man was protecting me at my home and offered me to reside at his countryside home in Louisiana since there wasn't any electricity, nor cell phone signals there. We believed I would be better off and safe. Immediately upon my arrival to Baton Rouge, I felt much better, but the next day I realized that Yuan Sun and his accomplices had followed me to Baton Rouge, Louisiana! The refuge on the countryside that had no electricity was suddenly filled with radiation from Yuan Sun and his accomplices hiding in the forest and sending microwave rays and gamma rays towards me with the intent of killing me. Nearly two weeks later, I left Baton Rouge, Louisiana and headed back home to Chicago, Illinois. Before we departed Louisiana we dropped off the rental car and that is when I was Yuan Sun waiting inside of a van at the airport. Yuan Sun did not achieve his ultimate goal of killing me, but he did try to remit more Nanos into my body to intensify the radiation he had already remitted to me.

During the month of April, there was at least three occasions where I was able to discover gas compounds and footprints surrounding my home, including chemical compounds on my driveway. Although, Yuan Sun had already strategically placed Nano weapons into my body, he also wanted to occupy my lungs by placing Nano in the chemical compound for me to breathe in. My blood tests have shown many chemicals, heavy metals, as well as high levels of gas. The reason I had these type of results is because Yuan Sun had put Nano inside of the gas residue and it caused me to breathe in both elements. Tiny Nano particles began moving around my skin and even secrete of my arm where an IV needle was inserted. I applied gauze to prove that Yuan Sun was remitting more Nano weapons with the same purpose as before; to kill me silently and leave no trace of evidence. With no bloodshed there would be no one in the world able to find out why or how I died.

For many years, I have tried to report Yuan Sun to authorities to expose him as the criminal that he is. Although, I still believe he is a criminal, the better word to description would be espionage. The reason why is because when I went to China a few months ago to seek investigators from the United States government, the local Chinese government AGAIN suggested that I committed to a mental asylum. The Chinese authorities spent two hours trying to convince my Aunt to have me committed to the mental asylum as I was held against my will. My Aunt requested that I be released and allowed to return home to the United States of America. After two to three hours I was finally released. It was then I realized the full scope and power that Yuan Sun held and how vulnerable I had been while I was in China. Upon advice and help from the Unites States Embassy in China, I promptly returned to the United States.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"