Privacy Report on White House Website - White House being hacked in

White House

This privacy report was documented in April 2012 at the CNC Internet Cafe. This is where I normally frequent for my computing and online activities since Yuan Sun, the spy, controls my computing. I have decided not to have my own, but instead use public facilities. The Bio-Terrorist spy goes wherever I go. He is not only in control of my computing, but all of the computers at CNC Internet Cafe. For over a year, I have seen many privacy reports from many different websites from the CNC Internet Cafe's computers. I finally was able to conclude that Yuan Sun, the Bio-Terrorist spy, has stolen the Microsoft HTTP drivers, upgraded them, and used them to establish his own advanced system. He has been using CNC Internet Cafe's computers as his physical computing intrusion site and since I have been forced onto his system as his victim under his control, I have been able to see his spy and Bio-Terrorist activities on his system.

Normal privacy reports are for parental control to monitor a child's activities online. Yuan Sun, the spy, has altered the adult control functionality to his advanced system control. I have seen him reset Microsoft search boxes, reset web trends, establish his secret shared system share with the normal http, and establish which tracks his data and all the http system's data and his governing Mapping over the normal home page mapping. I have been able to see that he is capable of duplicating and control any website and leaves a back door open for him to access at any time. Yuan Sun's advanced system control is top secret. He would never let anyone know, therefore, the White House webmaster, nor would Microsoft Corporation ever be able to see any of the privacy reports on a normal system, which is the spy's setup. Although you are unable to see the spy's control, he can see you and with the two HTTP systems connected, he still has the ultimate hidden power of control. See Microsoft privacy report and my comments June 2012 and August 2012.

What does his system look like? In this photo documentation on page 23, the first photo address bar may be able to describe it to you more. Please pay attention to the website address bar which is in two different colors, solid black and light grayish mixed as the website address. I don't believe that Microsoft HTTP program has prepared to accept what his system look like? On this photo documentation page 23, the first photo address bar may be able to tell you. Please pay attention to the website address bar, which is in two different colors: solid black and light grayish mixed as the website address. I guess that Microsoft http program never prepared to accept the advanced system intrusion, it seems only recognize the original http system address, which makes the rest are in light gray color. Since the spy heard me talking about his two address bars, he has been trying to make the whole address bar lights as if it is washed out. Come to the CNC Internet Cafe to witness it firsthand.

I invite professionals to discuss it and give their opinions. As I am an untrained public eye, any critics are welcome. As a victim of the spy, I have seen so much of what he is doing on his system. I am just trying to lead professionals to the door. I don't believe anyone knows more than me.


Comment: The spy is interested in the defense issue, has a specific set ups for white house Defense



Comment: The above two links explain how the White House can be connected, which is through the additional cyber address created by Yuan Sun; http%3A%2F%2F. It has tags on Google and can be inter clickable in I wonder if that is the spy's website. Yuan Sun doesn't only duplicate the original White House links. He can use his own links and tags to reach the White House by the additional cyber address he gives to any website he wants to reach.



Comment: This looks like live connection by radio frequency. The link looks like a metal link telling what the page link is about and more specific technical setups. Pc=men, it about RF connection to a live person, admin



Comment: is an opendata company, the spy just may have just add opendata as prefix to stole the website as his own.


Comment: I saw Yuan Sun has been using Javascripts as his duplicated website pages.



tf-8&utmsr=1280x1024&utmsc=32-bit&utmul=en-us&utmje=1&utmfl=11.1%20r102&utmdt= Vice%20President%20Joe%20Biden%20%7C%20The%20White%20House&utmhid=185956


Comment: The above four links can get into the White House and access both the President and Vice President, Joe Biden, with technology setups that can connect live to specific White House events. Vice President Joe Biden and the President have already been wired with an ID. Where is the White House privacy?





Comment: Has the spy given the White House an additional cyber address: http%3A%2F%2F as his url? Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Paypal, Facebook, AT&T, etc all have the same or similar additional cyber addresses that can be found in my vast amount of privacy reports. The spy can get in and out of any website he wants to, Where is American's National Security?

p13 #3

Comment: Is it really the White house setup using Google's recaptcha or the spy's false one?

p13 #4

p13 #2


p13 #5

Comment: The above four links should be the spy's set-up widget used to wire the White House and eares dropping spy activities.

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p14 #4

p13 #1

p14 #5

Comment: These may be Yuan Sun's links to his hands on White House different files. He put different codes to identify them.

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"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"