Yahoo Finance Privacy Report and Comments - The Spy Uses Yahoo as his ground

Yahoo Finance

May 10, 2012

Page 1, Link #3

Comments: The spy has used his different stolen websites and links as resources and data to manipulate major United States corporations, such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc. Since he has many links and websites, each has part of their own contribution to serve as his ways and means to manipulate and control. Since he has so many of them, he has to put information in the name to remind him of the purpose of that particular site. This link is likely a reset on a media network. I have seen his cyber address as HTTP%3A%2F%2F as well as on other media companies' websites in which "Parent Transfer" is also written.

Page 1, Link #4

Comments: The spy manipulates the World Wide Web secretly since no one knows that he has stolen HTTP system drivers and has been able to upgrade his ability to control the original. He operates the World Wide Web through his "Yahoo House", as the host website. He has registered three times on Yahoo login and has been able to obtain all of their digital signatures, and able to blend in without any detection. He uses my yahoo email account as his operating office to gain remote access to the computers I use without leaving his fingerprint or evidence of his activities. I have seen his Scripts pop-up when I log into Yahoo email. I have seen him try to control my Microsoft file downloads. I have been able to document his remote access computer management information on the computers I routinely use. I believe the link above is about tracking, advertising, and interactions with Yahoo Finance by his massive inter links.

Page 2, Link #1$$13367008384479510.v$1.0))&t=J_3_D3&al=(as$12d28av1l,aid$8ppZskPDmko-,bi$1278826551,ct$25,at$H)(as$12de35et0.aid$49FYskPDMKO-,bi$1283144551,ct$$H)(as$12

Comments: The spy has been able to steal Microsoft's "Flash Security Detection" Software. (MSN Privacy Report Page No. 15, Photo No. 1, link #2 "!QD7kwPbM1liQ/WebSecurityFlashDetection.js" He is able to upgrade them and use not flash but beep to detect anyone that is anywhere close to getting to his website. The numbers mixed with letters should be his secret codes.

Page 2, Link #2

Comments: In order to control a website, reset API is a huge task. He has many websites and links that are associated with reset API in different locations.

The "US_AHTTP_REUTERS_ORTAI_WRAPPER_H_LIVE/2012-04-wrapper" is likely part of the spy's secret http system with H_LIVE wrapper; it allows him to remain undetected.

Page 2, Link #3

Comments: This page is related to API, advertising technology data that likely hidden in Yahoo Finance Wall Street. He is able to use different ways to disguise his activities since many of his attacking set ups are using advertising technology. He is able to manipulate advertising data and track advertising data to cover his tracks.

Page 3, Link #1

Comments: "Yui.3.4.0" a project that the spy has to attack and kill me, especially since the spy's ultimate goal is to kill me without bloodshed and this allows him to do so. Throughout the Yahoo privacy report, there were about 20 very similar, but different types of content that he tried to use to achieve his goals. I have seen it not only on the Yahoo privacy report, but many other privacy reports as well as all over the internet. In these links it describes the different ways he involves millions of innocent online computer users normal daily activities, even phone activities, to force their normal computer search and menu movement all apart of attacking plans. Yuan Sun is using Yahoo as his home base to describe his project and achieve his goals. To achieve his specific goals using his numerous online setups on many different website privacy management report which are of his choosing to spread to the entire internet. Since he remains undetected, I am sure that the website owners are not aware that their websites are being used for him to conduct his online terrorism to torture and kill an American.

For example, "Yui.3.4.0" also appeared in the Microsoft setup:

Page #1, Photo #3 Link #1

Comment: "Min" is my first name and any links that have to do with me he uses my name. At times he even uses "Ji" which is my last name. See the below two links regarding his "yui.3.4.0" project.

Page 17, Link #1

Page 14, Link #6

Page 14 lower two photos:


Comments: Through the above three sample links, I can see the spy's killing plans, his way and means to achieve his goal through such as build/event-outside/event-outside-min" "cssreset-min' mit/media/p/presentation" "grids/desktop-min". The "anim-xy-min" is through animation send me X-ray, which I have been attacked in all different places recently. "yui " is the spy's classification of his files or links , which means documents or files for you and I. These all show a description of the ways and means of him attacking me with his 3.4.0 attacking project. I also have seen on privacy reports that he also upgraded his 3.4.0 to 3.4.1, and later to 3.5.0.

The spy uses different computer activities to attack me such as cross fonts, desk top menu movements, Wall Street activities all can be linked to the spy's energy attacking activities. The link below is also use "simple menu-min" to torture me.

Page 17, Link #5

Comments: "yui.yahooapis" The original API with the original mapping and his reset API with the spy's fake mapping. This was read by the Microsoft privacy report in Page 3 as seen below:

Comments: This is about the spy's military themes, which are the teal map images. "ltr-361050" the literature to explain that is with the code. See the below Microsoft Links about bi mapping

Link #4

Comments: From what I am able to see, "gv=biMapping" controls "bimapping". I know this technology and I have had previous experience with it when my phones calls were being diverted and also when we sent 120 emails to top newspaper opinion editor and all of the emails were also diverted.

Page 3, Link #2

Comments: This link looks to be related to military advertising and interaction the spy has with the military. The spy has a lot of interaction links. I believe that these links allow him to click different links. The spy has been able to get into the military's website remotely by using advertising and redirecting in order to remain undetected in his criminal activities, such as remotely accessing and stealing Nerve Agents and The Bubonic Plague. I hope the experts will be able to prove the detailed facts.

Page 5, Link #3 _ouSIVM_WRAPPERS_LIVE/2012-05-10t155344z_1_CBRE84907KK00_RTRoPTP_3_INDIA_GOLD_IMPORTS_oringinal.jpg

Page 5, Link #4 _OLUSTECH_WRAPPERS_LIVE_NEW/2012-05--10T074839z_3_ CBRE8490HBP00_ RTRoPTP_3FOXCONN_original.jpg

Comments: Both of the above links are related and they are both the same API reset in similar pages with different codes in the same photo.

Page 6, Link #5 _WRAPPERS_LIVE_NEW/2012-05-11t21724z_3_CBRE847164g00_RTRoPTP_3_FACEBOOK_oringinal.jpg

Page 6, Link #5 _WRAPPERS_LIVE_NEW/2012-05-11t023155z_3_CBRE84910SS00_RTRoPTP_3_USA_oringinal.jpg

Page 7, Link #1

Page 7, Link #2

Comments: The above four links are all related to API re-setups, may be their locations. Each has a different code. They are all able to be hidden in different locations. Some are very similar with different codes and it looks as if they are being hidden on Yahoo's Market Stock Exchange pages with "ULBUS_Wrappers". This may be the reason he attacks me 24/7 by different energy, including radiation, and still remains undetected.

Page 7, Link #3

Comments: This is related to the tracking and advertising interaction, as well as the resetting of Yahoo since the spy may have to change Yahoo's location as this the location that is now his own "Yahoo House"

Page 13, Link #6

Comments: This is about the media utility that the spy uses to send different radiations to me by which I have been suffering from for over three years. The utility includes EMFs, Tesla magnetic, microwaves, Infrared, Gamma Ray, Ultraviolet, X-Ray, Electrical Converter, and different kinds of Nano Particles. He is using Flash technology to send the Bubonic Plague, Relapsing Fever, and many other poisons to me. He is able to set up his utility through electronics, building ventilation systems, sewers, water pipes, and even above ground or underground power lines and electrical systems. He has been using his utilities to target me, chase me, and poison me through the air by connecting to his utilities by converting them from normal power to EMFS through the air by using Windows, computers, phones, etc. In November 2012, I spoke with one of the spy's hired help whom I believe is innocent, but came to the internet cafe area to connect the spy's signals and amplify them to cause torture to me. While holding the pain, I had a nice conversation with him and asked him how he connects to the signals. He wrote to me, "part of utility" as his password to connect to the spy's electronic signals.

In this yahoo privacy report, there is link mentioned "lib", which means "library" Let's view the two links from Time Magazine Privacy Report

Page 12 link # 3 and Link #5

Comment: This is related to the weapon content theme which has become an asset to the spy. This likely related to the spy's widget and facility through which he video monitoring my daily life (" min " is my name.) The end numbers may be the location of his program or files. It looks as if the numbers belong to a telephone in China or Hong Kong.

Page 12, Link #5

Comment: Both of the two links above are related to weapon content, themes, and library assets. He has stolen Microsoft library to be his own assets to control lab testing results, and cheating the world.

If you also view the links from Microsoft Privacy Report from below, you will know for sure the spy has broken in Microsoft library :

MS Report Page 1 Photo #3, Link #5

MS Report Page 7, Link #5

Comments: The spy has broken into the MS library from these very obvious "library window broker" and "library savvy broker". He also has his own adapt library which he uses to control certain words show up in certain areas. I know this by the end results which are the suffering I have been forced to endure. Even when I have been heavily poisoned and went to the emergency room, doctors were unable to find any poison in my body. They tried to explain to me that I had a perfect blood test and that everything was fine. The doctor did not know what he could do for me. I even had detox patches that were soaked in poisons, but when they were sent to the lab for testing, the huge quantities of poisons were not found. He has complete control of any library database and is able to change words when he sees that it is necessary.

Page 15, Lower Photo #2, Link #3


Comments: This is related to the use of VX and pixel technology being used as a weapon to attack me. I have endured this for almost a year and I have experienced attacks via all modern weapons. One of the attacks the struck me very hard was on my face or anywhere on my body can cut my skin like paper cut and even bigger and deeper, by very strong and sharp wave. I felt as if it were a chemical similar to iodine until I later found out that it was pixel or quantum technology that the spy used to deliver VX.

Putting "va" means "VX", and it is enough to remind him what his link is about. I know for fact that the spy has been using VX to attacking me, I was told that we have many army service soldiers were sick due to orange illness. I know for sure the spy has been attacking me not only through the air but actually sending VX through the sewer system to the exact toilet I was using at LAX Airport restroom on October 23, 2012. I know for sure the spy has been able to get his hands on VX and other military storage nerve agents and biological weapons, and I have many documents can prove my claims.

The Partner ID and Partner UID with equal sign of long codes l very likely the United States military's storage facilities.

Page 16, Link #3

Page 16, Link #4

Page 18, Link #2

Comments: The above three pages are reset API, but with different codes. The spy had to hide it in different locations. One of the original files is hidden behind the long link. The spy may have ways to make Yahoo 3D by blending it in with his own website and links. The all have Yahoo digital signatures so can be inter clickable which make hidden tags undetectable.

Page 9, Link #1

Page 19; Link #2-#6

Comments: The spy has massive inter click links that can penetrate in yahoo certain sections that there already have set up alive activities as his wrappers to disguise his criminal and spy activities. The next link on page 12 is even more obvious that his also equal to his security link with beep and long codes that can sense anyone who approaching to his dark secret websites. He has force internet to accept this set up.

Page 12 link #5

Page 19, Link #1*iHwYux0par7lhfHQzQwf.zRay8-&expiration=1337918002&TTL=1336708462&sigver=0&sig=b7dcb26019d4e3747cbaabd2d242515be25cc985

Comments: This is likely a syndication of the inter click links and his resources that he uses to make sure the different resource IDs or signature locations are able to recognize one another in order for the syndication or action of his configuration to remain accurate. The spy has actually spread his attacking setups in the entire different website throughout the entire internet by using his "auto column input systems" to auto detect similar words or interest. However, even if he spreads different parts of his attacking plan onto different website privacy reports with his secret codes, syndication set ups, and his one cyber address: http%3A%2F%2F with a few similar cyber addresses, these subdivision setups are able to find each other as if they are a neighborhood.

He blends into Yahoo, uses Yahoo to his put his order, and uses Yahoo as his home base or grounds for his operation to manipulate the entire World Wide Web system. He continues to kill me the only one who knows his activities and dedicated to exposing him and threatens others who wants to join my efforts. He continues threaten America's living environment due to his killing efforts, and he continue his spy activities against America as a nation, but still remains undetected.

"The Truth Must Be Revealed!
The Spy Must Be Stopped!"